New ‘do

I changed my hair color this weekend.  I get really bored with the same ol’ thing, so the color changes a few times a year.

I took a pic right before leaving for the salon to clearly show the skankiness of my grown out roots:


…and here’s after!  Taken in my car while I sat in the carwash LOL:

After - so serious!

It’s nice to have a change (I’m sure I’ll be bored before my next visit to the salon!).

My salon is so cute!  I love it there!  It’s located inside a historical home that reminds me a lot of the buildings in my hometown.

On Saturdays, they have bands playing live music, and it’s always bustling and busy in there!  I highly recommend Blue Salon if you live in the Philly ‘burbs.

How often do you crave a change in hair color?  Am I the only one that can never make up her mind??


2 thoughts on “New ‘do

  1. With two boys and a man child in my house, I have to cling to the little girliness that i have with both hands! I just started seeing white hairs coming in about 6 months ago. It’s KILLING me, so yes, I’m starting to dye it myself. Really need to find me a stylist up here!

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