My Meal Prep

One of the things I’ve quickly had to learn while preparing for the upcoming Ms. Bikini New England competition is that it’s vitally important to prepare my meals ahead of time.  It not only saves a lot of time during the week, but it also gives me little to no excuse for staying on track!

So, I spend some time on Sunday evening prepping meals for the week ahead. My coach has recommended a specific amount of proteins, starches, veggies, fruits, and fat, so I change up the meals week to week while staying within the recommendations.

Here’s what I prepared this weekend:

Wow-ee that's a lot of food!

One meal is grilled chicken, asparagus, and sweet potato:

The second is ground turkey, brown rice, red and green bell peppers, and salsa:

Then I made some greek yogurt, wheat germ, and berries, sprinkled with Truvia:

…and finally, I have containers of spaghetti squash and leftover brown rice to use for dinners during the week:

For the smaller meals in the Ziploc (BPA free!) containers, I leave two of each meal in the fridge and put the rest in the freezer.  In the morning, I take one of each meal out of the fridge and take it to work with me, and replace those meals with one from the freezer.  That way, there are always meals thawed and ready to go when I need them.

And there you have it!

Do you prepare your lunches or meals for the week ahead of time?

If you’ve ever participated in a fitness competition, do you have any meal prep tips you could share?


5 thoughts on “My Meal Prep

  1. Love the planning ahead but don’t you get tired of eating the same thing throughout the week? I know that’s a pitfall for me– if I make a ton of one type of thing I end up getting sick of it and veering off track.

    • I totally do! I love variety, and normally can’t stand eating the same thing twice! But it’s definitely easier to prepare a bunch of lunch meals and have a little more variety with dinner for my upcoming fitness competition…after that, it’s back to variety again 🙂

      • I could see that. If you aren’t able to work a cheeseburger in there, though, I hope you enjoy a huge one after your competition. 😉

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