Organization Goal: My closet

I am really embarrassed to share the following photos, but I thought it would be nice to see a true before and after of my closet.

First, let me preface this by explaining that I have entirely too many clothes and shoes for my closet.  In fact, I can only keep half of my clothes and shoes in my closet at a time (I switch it over to warm weather clothes in the spring and summer).

The other thing is that my closet is just too darn small.  And I HATE the fact that it has stupid sliding doors, rather than the kind of doors that open out.  Ever since we moved into our house, I struggled to organize my closet.  In particular, I’ve always had to dig under my clothes to get to my shoes that were stacked on the floor.

All that being said, here are the before photos — this is as bad as it gets, folks:

Note the jumble of shoes on the floor and the tower of hats threatening to topple over at any moment.

I am somewhat of a neat freak (believe it or not!) so it really pains me to put this embarrassment out on the ‘net for all to see.  But have no fear, a quick trip to Costco and Home Goods for some supplies, and voila — the afters:

I decided to use all of the shelves on the right to hold my taller boots. The two drawers hold my workout clothes.  Socks are in the basket at the bottom.  On the left, I hung two cloth shoe holders to hold the rest of my shoes.

All of my clothes are grouped by color on matching, space-saving black velvet hangers.

The baskets at the bottom hold my leggings, my baseball hats, and my scarves.

Tops are all on matching hangers!

And pants are all neatly hanging together.

Aaahhhh….one more organized spot in our house brings me a step closer to achieving my 2012 goals.

What are you organizing this weekend?  Any helpful tips for organizing my house and its tiny closets?

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