Daily Cup of Inspiration: Weekly intentions

I really liked the message I received in my inbox from Tone It Up today.  I signed up for the Tone It Up plan quite some time ago, and always enjoy seeing what inspirational messages Katrina and Karena have to share with their followers!

Today’s message:

Today for Motivation Monday set your goals, intentions & motivations for the week. Promise yourself a fantastic five days of movement & improvement!

Write down your scheduled workouts & ‘me time’
Make a check-list of your to-dos
Write 5 intentions for this week. How will you react to certain situations and how will you feel everyday (grateful, happy, energetic, motivated).

I love the idea of setting clear intentions of what I want to achieve and what kind of attitude I’m going to maintain while reaching my goals this week!  And I promise to have an awesome week!

My scheduled workouts and “me time:” 
Monday – 5:30am, 20 minutes of cardio, chest and triceps
Tuesday – 5:30am, legs and core
Wednesday – 5:30am, 30 minutes of cardio, supplemental shoulder workout
Thursday – 12:oopm, 30 minutes of cardio, back and biceps
Friday – 5:30am, functional workout
Saturday – posing practice in the AM, mid-day (sleep in!  me time!) workout, shoulders and core
Sunday – REST!  MEEEEE time!!

My to do’s:
Order my suit for the competition!
Confirm posing practice for this weekend.

My 5 intentions for the week:
I will stay motivated and energized this week!
I will not let my work life get me too stressed out.
I will start each day prepared.
I will put my all into my workouts.
I will make each day count.

Another trick I use to help me set my intentions is visualization.  I try to spend a few minutes visualizing the next day right before I fall asleep at night.  I imagine myself jumping out of bed when my alarm clock goes off, having tons of energy at the gym, and having a smooth and stress-free morning.  I think through my plans for the day and how I will be prepared to handle negative or challenging situations that come my way.  I truly believe that positive thinking can move mountains, so having these thoughts in my mind as I fall asleep is so powerful!  Try it!  🙂

What are your intentions for this week?   How will you achieve a week of “movement and improvement?”

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