Valentine’s Gifties

This year was the 5th Valentine’s Day my husband and I have celebrated together.  Neither of us like to go too overboard on Valentine’s Day, but my hubby does spoil me 🙂

I got him a Valentine’s swag bag full of all kinds of stuff he enjoys:

…Like turkey jerky, chocolates, and gift cards to his favorite places to grab lunch or coffee during the week.  It wasn’t a big extravagent Valentine’s Day gift, but I think he enjoyed the thought behind it!

Then, that morning when I got in my car to leave for work, I saw this:

To my sheer delight, I discovered that he had made a mixed CD full of Valentine’s Day music…”our song,” the song from our wedding video, and even a few cute silly Valentine’s Day songs.  LOVE him!

Of course you know I was all teary-eyed as I drove into work.  😉

…And what’s in the big red box, you ask?  This gorgeous watch!

We went out to dinner together and I enjoyed an early treat night (so no treats this weekend!!), then walked around our local mall for a little while to burn off some calories.  It was a lovely evening spent with the amazing husband I’m so blessed to be married to.

How was your Valentine’s Day?

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