Status Check on Goals

Ok, here I am and it’s March.  2012 seems to be flying by already!

And have I made it any closer to achieving my goals?  I think so!

Here’s my status check:

{ Health }


I am training for my upcoming bikini competition on April 28th, and here’s a progress pic as of last week:

{ Habitat }

I am completing 40 days of spring cleaning…and getting a lot of areas organized in my house in the process!  Pics to follow!

40 Days of Spring Cleaning

{ Happiness }

Little Miss Pickles graduated from her adolescent puppy class.  She was totally the teacher’s pet!  She’s still a work in progress, but we’ll get there 🙂

{ Hobbies }

I signed up for a Pinterest account and am doing everything in my power not to become overwhelmingly addicted.  But, hey, come on by and follow me!  I’ll follow ya back!

Follow Me on Pinterest

What goals are you currently working towards?  List them here and make them public – you’ll be one step closer to achieving them!


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