What’s in your gym bag?

I love this quote!  I think being prepared is definitely a key part of helping me get closer to achieving my fitness goals.

Being prepared could be:

  • Cooking up big batches of healthy foods and portioning them out into individual containers.  That way, you can grab some healthy eats at a moment’s notice.
  • Sitting down once a week and “scheduling” workouts in your phone or calendar.
  • Packing up everything you need for the next day – including your gym bag!

I take a few minutes to pack up my gym bag every evening:

Mine is this Nike bag which I picked up at my local Sports Authority.  I love this bag because (hello!) it’s pink, it has lots of pockets and compartments for my stuff, and it’s really held up nicely over the last year or so.

Truth be told, a lot of times I don’t even take this big bag with me to the gym, though.  Instead, I just grab this:

This is a small plastic cosmetic bag that’s just the right size to hold all my gym essentials!

1.   A tiny notebook for recording workouts / meals / weight, etc.  (Compulsive list-maker here!!)
2.  My Gymboss – an amazing interval timer that clips onto your gym clothes!
3.  Spare change in case I need to buy bottled water at the gym
4.  My iPod Nano loaded up with fun workout playlists
5.  Nike+ sensor
6.  My gym tag
7.  My weight gloves

In my gym bag, I make sure I have my workout clothes and sports bra, shoes and socks, extra hair ties, hand sanitizer, and any workout printouts that I might need to reference.

So there ya have it – tomorrow’s gear, all packed and ready to go!

What are your gym essentials?  How do you stay prepared to reach your health and fitness goals?


3 thoughts on “What’s in your gym bag?

    • Hi Michelle! The Nike+ sensor is awesome! Here’s their website: http://nikeplus.nike.com/plus/

      My hubby got me the sensor that you attach to your shoe, and then there’s another piece that connects to your iPod. You can keep track of your mileage when you’re running or walking, and it tracks time / distance / etc. for you. You can also use it as a pedometer. Then when you connect your iPod to your computer, it downloads all the info to their website so you can see if you’re improving and can keep track of your workouts.

      I love it and I find that it helps me push a little harder when I run. I also love that if you tell it you want to do a 30 minute run, for example, it will tell you when you’re at your halfway point, so you know when to turn around and head home 😉

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

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