Organization: The makeup stash

Hello my name is Menden and I have a makeup problem. 🙂 I seriously could never have enough!  But I recently cleaned out my supply, got rid of a bunch of old and expired cosmetics, and got my collection somewhat organized.  Here’s my system for keeping everything straight in my bathroom:

In the first drawer, I keep pencil eye liners, eye shadows, gel eye liners, mascaras, and pencil sharpeners.

Everything’s kept in clear plastic dividers.

In the second drawer, I have tons of lip glosses and lipsticks.  I also keep some makeup brushes and brush cleaner in this drawer, along with some fake eyelashes that I’ve never tried.

But I keep everyday makeup in a small makeup bag that I bought from Wal-Mart:

How do you keep your cosmetics organized?  Can anyone relate to my addiction?  😉


3 thoughts on “Organization: The makeup stash

  1. I think u may be as bad as me. This totally looks like my makeup. I can never have enough and can’t go into sephora or any department store w/o buying a lipgloss or some makeup item. I’m always on the hunt for a “better” product.

  2. I could see myself having this same problem. So far I have been doing good at restraining myself from buying new make-up too often by just avoiding it in the stores until I actually NEED to buy something. Of course when that happens, I somehow seem to justify needing all sorts of new make-up… It is just so fun!

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