Status Check on Goals: April

My goal with this blog is to keep it real and check in with the universe once a month on my progress towards achieving my goals for 2012!

Here’s my status check:

{ Health }

Can you freaking believe that I’m a little over 2 WEEKS AWAY from my competition?  Holy moly!!  This week’s check-in pic (I see no difference from 2 weeks ago, boo):

{ Habitat }

It’s been so fun to see my 40 days of spring cleaning post make its way around Pinterest…how cool!  So I have done a lot more spring cleaning and organizing, but alas, I haven’t kept my bloggy friends updated.  (but here are a few house pics to keep myself honest):

Guest Bedroom

Our Kitchen

From another angle...

Sparkly clean oven!



{ Happiness }

We have enrolled Pickles in doggy day care!  She’s going 2 times a week so she can learn to be a little more social with other dogs.  So far, all is well 😉

And T and I booked our vacation to Cancun in May!!  OMG I can just TASTE the margaritas now…

I’ve been so fortunate to make some great connections to new friends through Cathy Savage Fitness…and I’m looking forward to meeting so many inspirational women at the upcoming show in Connecticut!


{ Hobbies }

If you happened to catch my vlog earlier this week, I mentioned this nifty “luminizing black mask” by Boscia that I purchased.  Because, well you know, I’m trying to take better care of my skin.  And apparently I’m trying to scare the sh*t out of my husband if he walks in on me in the bathroom:

Tip:  DO NOT try to be frugal and put just a thin layer of this mask on your skin.  I don’t care that this mask is ridiculously overpriced at $35 a tube – schmear that stuff on like you mean it.  Otherwise, you’ll have the same experience as me, shortly after taking the above photo, trying desperately to peel tiny strips of black elmer’s glue mask off of my skin and fearing that it would take my actual skin with it.  Not pretty 😉

Well that about wraps up my status check for the month…

What goals are you currently working towards?  List them here and make them public – you’ll be one step closer to achieving them!

4 thoughts on “Status Check on Goals: April

  1. Oh my gosh I love your kitchen. My goals are to stretch everyday.
    Not focus so much on the scale and focus more on how I look and feel.
    To not be so hard on myself if I have an off workout.

    • Thanks, Amy!! 🙂 I’ll have to show the “before” pics of our kitchen some time…it was a pretty scary sight.

      Those are great goals! I need to add those to my list…I should focus more on every one of those things myself! Love it 🙂

  2. My goal in 2012 is train for and ride in a bike marathon. So far I have been doing about about 50-60+ miles a week on the spin bike. With the weather warming up, I am so happy to get outside and ride. My goal by the end of April is to be riding 80+ miles per week.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

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