Friday the 13th near death experience

…OK, so technically it happened the night of Thursday the 12th.  But hey, I thought I would add some dramatic flair to this story.  But trust me, this story is dramatic enough on its own.

So late last night, T had headed up to bed and I was puttering around in the kitchen turning the lights off and stuff.  I remembered that I had bought a bottle of L-Lysine supplements, as I tend to get cold sores when I’m 1) stressed (check!) and 2) tired (double-check!!), so I want to try preventative measures.  L-Lysine is supposed to be a great supplement to fend off pesky cold sores.

The culprit.

Again, I’m adding some visual flair to this story, but the pills in this bottle are roughly about this size:

So I fill up my water bottle with a bunch of H2O, pop the pill, grab a sip of water, and the pill immediately gets stuck in my throat.

I start chugging water, swallowing again and again, but it’s still stubbornly stuck right in my throat.

Then I try to take a breath and it’s almost like the pill shifted.  And suddenly I was CHOKING.

I couldn’t breathe through my nose.

I couldn’t breathe through my mouth.


Instantly I had a thousand thoughts run through my mind.  I couldn’t speak, so my husband didn’t know I was in distress.  I thought of throwing something heavy so he’d hear me and come to my rescue.  I stood at the bottom of our stairs, waving my arms and desperately tried to talk, breathe, something.  But nothing.

In my mind, I thought, “I don’t want to die like this!”

Although it was only seconds, the feeling of not being able to breathe felt like an eternity!

I raced into the kitchen and stood over the kitchen sink.  Instinctively, I put my hands together in a fist, placed them under my rib cage, and slammed my torso into the kitchen counter with all of my strength.

And – POP.

Just like the movies.  The pill came popping out of my windpipe, flew out of my mouth, and went right down into the garbage disposal.

I coughed and hacked for a while and then stood there in disbelief, shaking.  I just gave myself the friggin’ Heimlich maneuver!  I can’t believe how instinct took over!

I went upstairs and there’s my husband, casually reading his iPad on the bed, totally unaware of all the drama that had just ensued downstairs.

So, thank God, I’m ok.  However, I’m fighting a WICKED sore throat today!  The pill must have scratched the inside of my throat pretty badly.  I’m sipping “Throat Coat” tea and just thanking the stars above that I was able to keep calm enough to do the right thing in an emergency.

Have you ever had an instance where instinct took over?  How do you react in a crisis?  Do you stay calm or do you tend to panic?

Happy Friday!!  Happy-thank-God-I-didn’t-choke-to-death-on-a-stupid-horse-pill-Day!  LIFE IS GOOD 🙂


6 thoughts on “Friday the 13th near death experience

  1. I take L-Lysine too. I know. I always make sure I take them when my husband is home and is close. I’m too scared to take them with just me and the kids here! They really are horse pills. I’ve choked on them once before but I had enough air in my lungs to force it back up. Still leery about taking them. So glad you are ok!

  2. OMG! So glad you are OK. Choking is my biggest fear, so I always take larger pills when I’m with someone. I just have to hope they know the Heimlich!

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