Organization: Laundry room

It’s not really a “room,” but more of a closet:

It’s a small space, but I try to keep it organized.

I’m really not crazy about all those cords hanging down – I’ll have to fix those.

We keep our bedroom cable box in this closet, because we have our bedroom TV mounted to the other side of this wall!  Kind of smart actually that my husband  thought of hiding it away 🙂

I have baskets labeled for various things:

Laundry supplies and a place for lint and dryer sheets

Delicates and cleaning cloths (like to wash them separately)

I downloaded the label designs for free from here for each basket, and then just glued them to a heavier card stock paper!

I also have a laundry sorter, an ironing board (rarely used), and my Toby steamer (which I use all the time).

So that’s how I keep our laundry organized!  I haven’t been posting very much about my goal of home organization lately as my schedule has been full of the workout / eat / workout / eat / sleep routine as of late.  But once I finish my competition, I’ll be hitting the organization projects full force!!  🙂


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