It’s almost here!

Goodness GRACIOUS, I did not even realize how tough this last few days leading up to my competition were going to be!

I’m telling you…it’s crazy.

My diet plan became much more strict in the last week (read: next to no starchy carbs) which has left me in a brain fog! Plus I’ve been trying to get a ton of stuff done at work so I can take time off with a clear conscience, and I’ve been squeezing in even longer workouts into my already packed schedule. Good news is: we’re almost there. At this point, I’m really just excited to get this weekend on a roll! Enough of this preparation, already!! πŸ™‚

So, what exactly have I been doing, you ask?


I’ll be wearing two outfits on stage: my bikini and my “sportswear” outfit, which is basically like a teeny tiny Halloween costume. My costume is a “Kentucky Derby” jockey theme. Both outfits need lots of “bling” so I’ll sparkle on stage. Here are all the goodies:

I bought “hotfix” Swarovski crystals for my bikini, plus a cheaper version of these for my hat:

Here’s a nice shot of the bikini sans bling – check out those removable pads for the top, LOL! Don’t think I’ll be wearing those πŸ˜‰

So I wanted my hat to look like a cute jockey hat (even though in reality it’s just a plain black baseball cap that I bought dirt cheap on Amazon). I laid out all my supplies:

And marked where I wanted the sparkles with a white eyeliner:

Then I blinged away! Plus added a pink ribbon around the brim:

I thought it would be cute to add a bow where the adjustable part is on the back too – voila!

So, that was a fun project. You’ll get to see how the bikini turned out in my competition pics πŸ˜‰

What else have I been up to??


I staged a MASSIVE meal prep for the next couple of days’ worth of food.

Believe it or not, I’m not even done with my food prep! I still need to pick up some more chicken and make a big giant batch of asparagus tomorrow.

For the next couple of days, my meals have no salt or seasonings and I’ll be drinking less water. Obviously, I’m also consuming large quantities of protein as well. (gag me with a chicken breast – I’m considering going vegetarian for a while after this, LOL)

Ok, and finally, I’ve been:


I completed my final workout today before the competition, aptly named “the final shower.” It’s called this because you’re showering yourself in sweat and tears, baby. And it’s no joke. I’m pretty sure that someone had 911 on speed dial at the gym tonight, ready to call an ambulance for me at any moment. Torturous, but it felt great.

So that’s my life in a nutshell over the last couple of days. I have a TON of stuff to do tomorrow before leaving on Friday for Connecticut. I will be blogging along the way – this is a once in a lifetime experience for me and I want to make sure to capture everything!

Be back soon (promise!)


5 thoughts on “It’s almost here!

  1. woo hoo!!! how exciting!!! all the best for your show!!! Im sure you’ll be amazing and the experience will be fantastic!!! hehe… I was going to go with a jockey theme for my first comp….but went with drag way racer in the end. so much fun! are you having a crop too?? WELL DONE!!!!

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