New England bound…

I wish I could say that I spent my day off yesterday as relaxed as Pinot:

But alas, it wasn’t so.  Here’s a recap:

Couldn’t sleep so I woke up at the crack of dawn and made out my to do list of things to tackle for the day.  I scarfed down my first meal of unseasoned chicken and spinach and a teeny bit of oatmeal and a cup of black coffee:

 I washed and folded a load of laundry, took Pickles for a walk, and then showered and shaved my entire body head to toe, which took unexpectedly longer than I had imagined (HA!).  I hope I never have to do that again 🙂

By that point, it was time to eat my next meal – unseasoned tilapia, 1/2 of a grapefruit, and some water:

I then headed out to run a ton of errands.  I ran to Home Depot to buy carpet tape to glue my bikini to my butt (LOLOL!), went to get my car washed and fill it up with gas for my trip, went to the ATM for some cash, ran to the mall to grab a couple of last-minute things, went to get a mani/pedi, and ran over to Trader Joe’s for more pre-competition food (plus some celebratory treats for after the competition):

 What’s in the bag, you ask?

A bunch of junk that will definitely make me sick if I eat it all at once!  Cheese curls, cookies, trail mix, COOKIE BUTTER(!!), and the one thing that I’ve been craving since starting this diet:  LARABARS!

Don’t worry – I’m not planning on completely bingeing after this is over.  I just wanted to have plenty of food to share 😉

Oh, by the way, at some point I scarfed down another meal of chicken and spinach in my car, cold out of Tupperware:

After my Trader Joe’s trip, I ran to get a spray tan.  It was hilarious to stand, arms splayed, totally in the buff, in front of a woman who I met about – oh – .02 seconds earlier.  HA!  No shame in this game, baby.

I liked the framed quotes on the wall in the spray tan room:

Do I look tan?  This is only the first coat!

 After I finally got home, I still had more to do!  Including cooking up a huge batch of asparagus:

I inhaled my last 2 meals of the day (a repeat of the meals above), and I made some goodies and gift bags for the girls I’ll be rooming with at the show (I’ll show you what I made in a future post – I think they turned out really cute!).

Whew!  What a crazy day.  And now I’m leaving in just a few minutes and heading up to CT!  Wish me luck!  (and by luck I only mean:  I don’t want to fall on stage wearing a teeny bikini and 6″ clear heels, thank you very much)


5 thoughts on “New England bound…

  1. Yeah, some of us here would LOVE a quick update. We were praying for you on Saturday! Been checking twice daily to see if you’ve updated yet! Hate to rush, but been thinking about ya and how you enjoyed the competition and everything you learned.

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