It’s like a wellness Christmas!

I was so excited to see a big box from Isagenix sitting on my doorstep when I came home from work today!

Isagenix is a line of nutritional and wellness products which is endorsed by Cathy Savage Fitness.  Let’s face it – I trust Cathy’s opinion so completely that I would pretty much jump off a bridge if she told me to at this point!  That might sound crazy, but Cathy and her team of coaches really know their stuff.  So when my coach Brooke and I had a chance to talk about these products, I thought I should give them a try.

Here are a few reasons why I’ll be trying the Isagenix line:

  1. My system has been a little out of whack since my recent competition.  Although Isagenix offers a “cleansing” line of products, I’m not trying them yet (but I may at some point).  Basically, I want some products that are simple to use and won’t cause any…ahem…gastric distress like many foods are right now.
  2. I’m SICK of eating meat.  Ugh.  Seriously, chicken and fish are truly gag-worthy to me after I ate them at EVERY meal for so long.  I really want to build and maintain my lean muscle without having to consume so much protein in the form of meat products!
  3. Isagenix products are created with super high-quality ingredients and no scary chemicals, like what you’d find in other protein powders.

So…here’s what I ordered!

I’m trying the “Athlete’s Pak,” which includes a protein supplement, energy supplement, vitamins, meal replacement bars – oh, and Brooke was sweet enough to send me a rockin’ picture of her gorgeous self, which I promptly hung on my fridge!

And, I picked up one of these at Walmart to make my shakes:

(How I wish they had the PINK one at Walmart!  I got the orange one.)

I’ll be using the Isagenix products over the next 30 days and will give you my honest review.  I’ve heard so many amazing testimonials about these products that I can’t wait till tomorrow to give them a try!


2 thoughts on “It’s like a wellness Christmas!

  1. Can’t wait for your review. I bought them too. I love the shakes. Lori Harder has me do them after working out. I haven’t used the bars. I’d like to but I hate doing processed foods. I’m real curious about the want more energy cause I’m trying to get away from doing preworkout with creatine and thought of trying the want more energy instead. Do u do a preworkout? Lori says their vitamins are amazing too.

    • Hey Amy! Yeah, I’ve been taking N’Sane preworkout supplement in the morning (just a small amount because it’s really strong), and I was really looking forward to trying the Want More Energy too! I may or may not eat the bars…they came with the pack I ordered but I’m the same way about the processed stuff. I’ll do a review soon!! 🙂

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