Organization: Hall coat closet

Hi friends!  Just wanted to share a quick post on how I organized our hall closet.  They’re not the prettiest photos, but you’ll get the idea 😉

Behold, the closet:

I went through and took out any coats that we don’t wear anymore, and hung everything on my favorite Costco black velvet hangers.  It’s hard to see, but there’s a hanging shoe holder on the right hand side for all of my hubby’s baseball caps:

I have one big basket on the floor that holds anything that needs to be returned to a store or donated, and then another basket holds all of our larger tote bags:

Then I put a basket on the other side for umbrellas.  I also keep my laptop case in the closet:

On the top shelf, another big basket holds all my handbags:

And finally, smaller baskets hold hats, scarves, mittens, and dog sweaters for chilly days 😉

Every time I do one of these organization posts, I realize how badly I want to paint the inside of our closets – they are so dingy looking!  Maybe that will be my next project 🙂

What are you organizing today?


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