Vacay outfits

I.MUST.start.packing for our vacation.  I’m never this last-minute!  But alas, life has been a little bit crazy lately…and I’ve just plum run out of time.  Timing couldn’t be better to go on vacation and get away from it all!!!!

Fortunately, I have the whole packing list in my head 😉  Kidding – but I did put together some visuals.

Cancun vacation - beachside

So, obviously I plan on spending a LOT of time by the pool and/or beach! Give me a big floppy hat, my sunscreen, and my Kindle, and I am set. I’ve already downloaded the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy for some poolside reading material 😉

Cancun vacation - day trips

We are going to be doing some sightseeing during the day around the Cancun area, including a visit to ancient Mayan pyramids. I’ll bring along our camera, my hiking shoes, and a baseball cap!

Cancun Vacation - Night

Cancun Vacation – Night by missmenden featuring gold jewelry

I’m excited for this trip because it’s going to be super casual and relaxed. And the clothes should be the same way! I plan to wear comfy dresses or shorts to dinner at the resort, with strappy sandles and wedges.

I’m also planning on packing light…we’ll see how that goes! 😉


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