Reader request: Cathy Savage Fitness review

Nici recently left such a sweet comment!  She says:

Thanks, Nici!  First off – go check out Nici’s Tumblr page – by the time this posts, I believe she will have completed her first competition!  Head over to give the girl some props!!! Goooo Nici!!!  🙂

And I’m more than happy to answer your questions:

Yes, I am an online “Savage girl.”  And there are a lot of us online, including internationally.  Cathy Savage Fitness is based out of Boston, MA – but the cool thing is that you can stay in touch with everyone so easily through Facebook, emails, etc.

Cathy sends out a group email just about every single day to the team, and I love them!  They are always very motivational in nature – sometimes it’s a link to a great song or video on YouTube, sometimes its inspirational stories about other Savage girls, and sometimes it’s just a little “kick in the ass” kind of message that always seems to come at the right time 🙂

In addition, when you sign up for the services, you are assigned a coach.  My coach is Brook Nicole – check out her website!  She’s freakin’ adorable:

I check in with Brooke every 2 weeks.  Leading up to a competition (from 12 weeks out), I would check in with my coach weekly.  Every week, I’d send Brooke photos of myself and would give her an idea of my meals, my workouts, and any challenges I might be having.  She would then respond back in a day or two with any recommendations for changes to my program.

Also, once a week, Cathy holds “live chat” calls.  They are usually about an hour long, and they are held at 9am Eastern time (so 12 hours later your time in Australia?).   A few days later, the calls are posted on the Cathy Savage Fitness site and you can access them and listen to them at any time – I usually have to do that as I run a work meeting every day at 9:00am that I can’t miss.

It’s hard for me to tell you for sure how personalized the program is, as I haven’t really compared my program with other Savage girls’.  If I were to guess though, I think the basic nutrition and workouts are the same, but certain parts of the program are tweaked according to your specific needs.  For instance, your coach will tell you how many servings of proteins, starches, veggies, fats, etc. to have in a day – and that is based on your check-ins and how you’re progressing week to week.  Or, your coach may have you do an extra workout focused on a trouble area, like your legs or abs or shoulders (for me, it was my quads because my legs were a bit skinny haha).

The nutrtition plan is very flexible!  Like I said, you are told specific portion sizes that are customized for you as far as your proteins, fats, carbs, veggies, and fruits.  You are given a big list of clean foods to choose from, so you can pick what you like from the list.  I had cheat (or treat) meals once a week up until about 4 weeks out from my show.  I never felt deprived and had a TON of energy up until the week of my competition!

My husband definitely benefited from this plan – he lost about 10 pounds in the process just by eating the same way I was!  (lucky guy)  We both cut back on alcohol, too.  He was very supportive throughout the whole process, but I’ll be honest, I felt very lonely in my journey as I was prepping.  It was tough to be so singularly focused on meals and workouts for such a long time.  We rarely had dinner together during my competition prep, only because I was getting home so late from work and the gym and didn’t want to keep him waiting on me 😦

I didn’t take a lot of supplements at all during my training.  I did incorporate BCAA’s on weight training days, and used whey protein powder here and there.  Cathy Savage is also a big supporter of the Isagenix products that I’ve mentioned before on this blog.

And finally, as far as the training is concerned, I think it depends on what you are training for.  For me, I was prepping for a bikini competition, and my training consisted of daily cardio (but not too much cardio), and then body part training.  So one day might be chest & back, one day might be legs & core, and one day is shoulders & arms.  Then I would have one day of “functional” training, which consisted of things like sprints and plyometrics.  Again, your coach would assign you a plan that would work best for you.  My plan consisted of cardio 5 days per week, weight training 4 days per week, and 1 day of functional training.

Overall, I would highly recommend Cathy Savage Fitness to anyone (guy or girl) who is looking to change their physique and do it the healthy way.  They have such a smart, balanced approach to training and nutrition.  Cathy and her team are experts at what they do – you won’t find anyone better, I promise!  And – the motto with CSF is “it’s all about sisterhood.”  It’s so amazing to connect with like-minded women who are such true talents…this has been worth so much to me!

I hope this helps answer some of your questions, Nici!  Best of luck with your competition –  I know you are going to KILL it, girl!!!!!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Reader request: Cathy Savage Fitness review

  1. Hey!!!

    Oh my!! Thank you so much for this review!!!! I like the sound of the nutrition plan. And I love that Savage is so affordable. I loved my first show!!! I didnt place…there were a lot of girls in my division!!! But I did really well and got some lovely compliments…so cant wait for the next one!!
    I think Ill have to give Savage some serious consideration….it sounds great!

    Thanks again!

  2. This is really cool. I’ve been looking for reviews of CSF all over and this is the most extensive, most helpful one I’ve found by far. Thank you! One question–do you get a sense that the program would help if you have a lot of fat to lose first–I’m talking 40-50 lbs? Thanks!!

    • Hey there! So glad you found the review helpful – please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions and I’ll give my honest opinion! First off – I took a peek at your blog earlier and I LOVE it…can’t wait to spend some more time reading up on your posts 🙂 Yes, I think the CSF program would be GREAT for someone who is looking to lose a lot of fat. In fact, I’ve heard SO many success stories of both men and women who have lost so much fat on that program and totally transformed their physique! I’ll be honest – it will take dedication, clean eating, and consistent workouts. But I have confidence that the CSF coaches know how to help people lose the weight the right way. Also – if you’re not thinking of competing in the near future, you can start out on the “lifestyle” plan…and then when the bug hits you (and it will!) you may decide to transition to the competition prep program in the future as you get closer to your goals.
      Thanks for visiting!! 🙂

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