Status Check on Goals: June

Can you believe we are halfway through the year?

Time is flying and I need to check in on my goals for 2012! (If you’re new to my blog, I’m working towards achieving specific goals in 2012, and I believe that the more I keep myself accountable by checking in on this blog, the more likely they are to be achieved! Oh, and hi!  Thanks for visiting :))

{ Health }

I participated in the Fitness New England Ms. Bikini competition on April 28th and placed 4th for my class!

(That’s me on the left 😉 )

…and now I’m actually considering doing another show at the end of August.  Informal poll:  should I do it?!?

{ Habitat }

I’m still working on getting the casa organized!  It will be a year-long project, I fear.  I would like to start posting more about my little organizing projects, so stay tuned!

{ Happiness }

We went on vacation at the end of May, 2012!  What a friggin’ blast!

{ Hobbies }

I’m adding a couple of mini goals to my Hobbies list:  I want to teach myself more about graphic design and I want to learn more about our DSLR camera that stays permanently on the “auto” setting 😉

What goals are you currently working towards?  List them here and make them public – you’ll be one step closer to achieving them!

4 thoughts on “Status Check on Goals: June

  1. You should def do the show.
    I really need to think about goals. One goal I have is to create a vision board.
    Another is to start my blog.

  2. I love your blog. Thanks for documenting your goals and sharing it with us as you work on them. You got me inspired to document mine as well — fitness goals that is 🙂 Good luck and cheers to checking off the rest of them!

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