Weeknight chicken tacos

Who says weeknight meals have to be boring or complicated?

I love to grab a bunch of stuff out of our fridge and see what kind of meal I can come up with!  Here was last night’s dinner:

Chicken tacos, and they couldn’t have been easier!

I grabbed part of a red bell pepper and part of a red onion that were leftover from a previous meal, chopped them up, and got them cooking on the stovetop with a little bit of olive oil.

We also had shredded chicken already cooked, so I heated that up on the stove and dumped a little bit of salsa and hot sauce on it to give it some flavor, along with my favorite Mrs. Dash Southwestern seasoning (salt free!).

We had some corn tortillas in the freezer, so I nuked them in a damp paper towel for about a minute, then whipped up some crema sauce out of greek yogurt, cilantro, garlic powder, and a little bit of hot sauce.

HINT:  I never buy fresh cilantro, garlic, or parsley because it ALWAYS seems to go bad before I can use it all!  I buy these items in a tube from my local grocery store (Gourmet Garden brand is what I use)!  They make a ton of herb blends as well that are delicious.

These are awesome!  No funky ingredients and they stay fresh wayyy longer in the fridge!

We also had some black beans in the fridge, plus an avocado that was on its last leg (leftover from sushi night), so I added them to the tacos, and voila!  Easy peezy and seriously done in less than 15 minutes!

What is your favorite weeknight meal?


4 thoughts on “Weeknight chicken tacos

  1. I love Busy girl healthy Life turkey sausage over quinoa with oven roasted brocolli and asparagus or salmon, sweet potatoe and steamed green beans. I’ll have to try those herbs. I don’t buy them cause they go bad for us too. hubby and I can’t use them fast enough.

    • Sorry to take SO long to respond, Deirdre! It’s super easy – I either a) buy rotisserie chicken at the grocery store and shred it myself (ha!), or b) throw a couple of chicken breasts and a jar of salsa into the crockpot, cook on low for 7 – 8 hours, and then shred up the meat using 2 forks. Either way is super simple! 🙂

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