A clean house in 14 minutes

Months ago, I purchased a Shaklee Get Clean kit from Bonnie over at the cutest blog ever, House of Grace.  She oversees an extremely successful team of Shaklee distributors, and she has the most adorable family, including the precious addition of her new baby boy.  Go check out her blog!  🙂

I had been searching for new cleaning products that would be not only non-toxic and Earth-friendly, but that were also effective.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of spraying my house down with scary chemicals every time I clean!  Plus, I hated the fact that I used 27 different bottles of stuff for various housecleaning tasks…it just seems so wasteful.

I was so excited when my Get Clean kit arrived in a big box on my doorstep (yeah, I know, it’s the little things in life, haha!).

I immediately unpacked everything out of the box:

The kit contains just about everything you need to keep your house clean and fresh, including laundry and dish detergent!  The best part of the kit is the Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, which can be mixed in different strengths with plain water to create all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, or a degreaser.  This stuff is amazing!  I’ve been using it for months and have barely made a dent in the bottle.

So why the “clean house in 14 minutes a day” title, you ask?  Because I’ve saved so much time cleaning my house since I started using these products.  I’ve come up with a super easy routine that only takes a few minutes a day.

Here’s what I do:

  • First, I spend a few minutes picking up around the house.  You know, any dishes left in the sink from breakfast, makeup left out on the bathroom counter, lunch containers that need to be washed, that sort of thing.
  • Then I start in the kitchen.  I spray my microfiber cloth with a little bit of Basic H2 and wipe down the counters and anything else that looks icky.  I will sometimes take a paper towel and wipe off any spots on the floor too, also using Basic H2.
  • Then I move on to the den.  Using the same damp microfiber cloth, I quickly swipe over our glass (annoying / always dirty) coffee table and the leather furniture and the fireplace mantle.  Just wiping up kitty cat paw prints and dog hair, basically.  The Basic H2 is safe to use on all these surfaces.
  • Next, I move on to our downstairs powder room.  I use the microfiber cloth to wipe up any spots on the mirror.  Then I use a Germ Off disinfecting wipe to clean up the countertop, the sink, and then the toilet seat.  Then I throw the wipe away.
  • Moving upstairs, I repeat the same thing – wiping down any surfaces with my damp microfiber cloth, and swiping the surfaces in the bathrooms with a Germ Off wipe.
  • We have one of these vacuums which I use to quickly vacuum up any kitty litter around the cat’s litter box.  (By the way, we also have a Roomba which is the love of my life, other than my husband.  That thing is seriously the best best best – we set it to sweep our downstairs once a day during the week, which really helps keep the dirt, pollen, and pet hair under control!)
  • Finally, I always start a load of laundry before I leave for work in the morning, so I throw that in the dryer to finish.
  • Toss the microfiber cloth in the laundry….and done!  🙂

This is obviously just surface cleaning…I usually spend an hour or so on the weekends doing a deeper clean.  But overall, this keeps our house in decent shape (to the point that I wouldn’t be embarrassed if we had a surprise visitor).  It’s definitely worth it to spend a few minutes every day keeping up with housecleaning so it doesn’t turn into an overwhelming task!

Have you tried Shaklee products?  How do you keep up with maintaining a tidy abode?

(p.s. I purchased these products with my own money and have not been compensated in any way to write this review on the Shaklee product line.  If you’re interested in ordering Shaklee products for yourself, please go visit Bonnie’s blog at House of Grace!)


One thought on “A clean house in 14 minutes

  1. These sound interesting. I may need to check this out. I’m always looking for easier ways to get the cleaning done. Thanks for sharing.

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