WIAW – Joining the party

I’ve decided to join the party over at Peas and Crayons and participate in “What I Ate Wednesday!”

Some of you have asked what I eat in a typical day, so here we go – this is everything start to finish that I devoured yesterday (so…eh…technically, it’s “what I ate Tuesday,” but details, details….).  Apologies for the crappy iPhone pics – apparently I’m the only human on the planet still using the 3G iPhone.  Yeah, I know, the quality is no good! 😉

Breakfast was the standard:  my favorite steelcut oats with mixed berries, egg whites scrambled with chopped up broccoli, and a cup of coffee with a splash of organic half & half and a packet of Truvia.  The coffee was from our Keurig – chocolate raspberry truffle ❤

Snacks that I packed up for my day included an apple, some salted almonds, baby carrots, and spicy hummus from Trader Joe’s:

 Lunch:  A yummy salad made up of romaine, sliced red and orange peppers, sliced turkey deli meat, and a little bit of reduced fat feta cheese.  I always make my own dressing; this one was a little olive oil and balsamic dressing, plus a sprinkle of garlic powder and italian seasonings.  I just shake it up and pour it on my salad when I’m ready to eat:

My amazing husband is such a sweetie pie…now that we work in the same office (!!) he can drop by and see me from time to time…well, he brought me my favorite thing ever….a LARABAR!  I noshed on one of these late in the afternoon:

 OK, and here’s where I’m completely kicking myself…we had the bombest dinner ever last night AND I had my nice camera on hand so I could have taken some more attractive photos….well, wouldn’t you know that T and I got back from walking Pickles around the ‘hood after dinner and I was like, DOH!  I totally forgot to take pics.  So – these pics are not mine but this is what we had for dinner 🙂

Ribeye steak cooked on the grill (my portion was about 3 oz.):

Served with steamed artichoke, which we dipped in Trader Joe’s aioli:

 And of course, served with a glass of pinot grigio 😉

So there ya have it – hope you enjoyed this post…what are you eating today?


4 thoughts on “WIAW – Joining the party

  1. Steel cut oats and berries with eggwhites and 1 whole egg for breakfast.
    Isagenix shake midmorning after workout
    Lunch was 4 ozs chicken with rice and avacodo with a huge salad
    Midday snack turkey and sweet potatoe with coconut oil
    Dinner is salmon with greenbeans
    evening snack is a casein shake
    Yum Yum!!!

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