WIAW – Food & thoughts on fitness!

So I’m pretty sure I suck at these WIAW posts, as you will see evidenced in the photos below.  I have every intention of taking a pic, and then before you know it – poof!  Empty plate lies before me.  Bad blogger!

Regardless – here’s what I ate yesterday…make sure to check out Peas & Crayons for other “What I Ate Wednesday” posts by bloggers who actually remember to take photos!


Doin’ good, took a pic of my macadamia cookie-flavored coffee and Truvia…

…plus remembered to snap a pic of my cinnamon Ezekiel toast on the way out the door….

…then, doh!  Scarfed down a container full of greek yogurt and mixed berries at work…so here’s some dirty Tupperware for ya 😉

Snack #1:

An apple and a slice of cheese…


Moving on, I actually got up early in the morning to roast some veggies to take to work for lunch.  So here’s the before pic of the lovely colorful veggies….

…and wouldn’t you know that I forgot to actually take a photo of the finished product for my lunch.  Picture the veggies above all roasted up nicely along with some turkey meatballs, which looked somewhat less presentable than this picture that I borrowed off o’ the ‘net…


I fail again.  I did remember to snap my next snack – some sliced cucumbers and hummus:


Finally, we had some friends stop by yesterday after work and my hubby ordered a GINORMOUS  platter of sushi!

We deSTROYed it, standard 😉

All in all, it was a good day of eats!

Since this month’s WIAW theme is “Food & Fitness,” I wanted to ask your opinion on CrossFit.  Anyone out there a fan? Or a Crossfitter?

I’m really feeling like I need to do something new.  I’m ready to shake up my fitness routine again…I’ve been feeling a little blah lately.  I was looking at the website for the upcoming CrossFit games and damn, those chicks are so badASS!  Girl crush, girl crush!

I mean, really:


So what do you think?  There’s a CrossFit facility near me…should I call them up and try out a class?  What should I expect?  Will I get my booty handed to me??  I value your opinion! 🙂



3 thoughts on “WIAW – Food & thoughts on fitness!

  1. Yes!!!! Go try CrossFit now!!! I have been doing it for over a year and I love it! I can’t imagine ever going back to my old fitness routine! I could babble about how awesome crossfit is for hours but if you have questions send me an email! It has totally changed my body and the way I view fitness, nutrition, everything! One piece of advice is research into a few boxes before you start! Find a quality box because they are all different and a community you like the best! But most importantly get out there and try it! You will love it!

  2. I tried it once and like it but it just wasn’t for me. maybe it was the instructor I don’t know but the workout was short and its kinds competitive I felt. i’m not a real competitive person. It was a pretty decent workout but i wasn’t sore afterwards like with my weight training.

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