July faves

Blah!  Sorry to be gone for so long!  Damn, I am a broken record.  Each post seems to start with some variation of that sentence.  😉

Well, good news is that I jumped out of bed this Monday morning just ready to attack the day.  I had a great workout this morning and have been full of energy all day.  Hopefully that also means I won’t be so MIA on the blogosphere for the rest of this week 🙂

I’ve compiled another list of faves for the month of July – and I’m realizing that I certainly do have a lot of “favorite” things.  Maybe I should rename these posts, “stuff I kind of like.”  But that just doesn’t have the same zing to it, does it?  Regardless, here are my monthly favorites:

Costco Workout Tanks:

Costco doesn’t put images of their clothing items on their website!  So I need to credit Skinny Runner for this photo that I am borrowing (hope you don’t mind, Skinny Runner!  Great blog!)

Costco tank

I really like these tanks – in fact, I like them so much I bought it in 3 colors:  hot pink, peach, and purple.  They are not too tight and they are long enough to cover the booty.

Starbucks Refreshers:

Also an impulse buy from Costco!  These are really refreshing.  I’m pretty bummed that I missed the memo that they were giving these out for free at Starbucks last Friday, but oh well.  The flavors are not too sweet, and there is not a lot of added sugar or other scary ingredients.  I think they are a nice treat!

Breaking Bad:

Seriously, I am obsessed.  The hubby and I are trying to catch up on the last 4 seasons before watching the new season that just started last night – so no spoilers, please!  We are about halfway through the 3rd season and I can’t believe I missed out on this show for so long – it is crazy good!!

My Toss & Chop Salad Chopper:

I picked up this nifty gadget a year or so ago from a specialty kitchen supply store in my town.  I use this just about every day!  Here’s the thing:  I love to eat spinach salads, but I find they just take up too much space in my tupperware containers when I pack them up for work.  So, I simply chop, chop, chop down the spinach with this tool, then I add in whatever protein and other veggies I want.  I chop that down too, and before you know it, I have a lovely, compact chopped salad.  If you’re interested in buying one of these guys, here’s a link.

MUFE HD Foundation:

I just bought a bottle of this foundation over the weekend at Sephora and I’m already in love!  It’s very challenging to find the right shade for my skin tone in the summer time, but there is such a selection of colors that I was able to find one that was spot-on perfect.  It covers beautifully and seems to last all day.  My “holy grail” foundation for eons has been Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, but this one may have won me over!!  Come to think of it, I’ve never been disappointed by any Make Up For Ever products, so if you are in the market for some new cosmetics, check them out!

What are your current faves?  xoxo,


2 thoughts on “July faves

  1. I am loving Insane preworkout, Mac Plushlash mascara, Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, Too Faced eyeshadow primer, Tarte 12 hour blush for my oily face. I also am obsessed with Firedaughter tank tops and the VS Pink line. I’m total girlie girl!!!

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