Another Organization Project: The Pantry!

Hey friends!  Thanks for your feedback on the last organization post – I really appreciate it!

I’ve been working on yet another little project:  our pantry.  The “before” pics are pretty scary…and the “progress” pics are a little less scary.  Let’s just say it’s a work in progress 😉

Here are the before pics…I’ve mentioned this before, but the insides of every closet in our house desperately need to be painted.  Our house is 25 years old, and the closets still have the original builder’s primer on them – ugh!  One of these days when we decide to repaint our interior, I’ll paint these closets.  Until then, apologies for the dinge 🙂  Apparently I also live in the darkest house in America, which makes taking decent pics of our tucked-away corner pantry pretty difficult!

The top 2 shelves of our pantry

The bottom 2 shelves and the floor of our pantry

Yikes!  Pretty scary, right?

I took a trip to Home Goods and Staples for a few supplies, and here’s what I came up with:

The top shelf: for snacks, onions and potatoes, and packets of food.

The second shelf: for canned goods and sauces, on tiered risers.

The third shelf: Dry goods in OXO containers. The labels are “chalkboard” so they can be changed as needed.

The fourth shelf: Protein powders and a lazy susan for all our cat and dog treats.

On the floor: other dry goods and our container of dog food.

So while I’m sorry these pics are so dingy and orange and generally yuck-o, I hope this post inspires you to organize something in your home this weekend! I’m off to tackle my next project 😉 Have a fabulous day!

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