A Fall Weekend in the Green Mountain State

Sorry to be gone for so long, my friends!  The hubs and I spent last weekend in the beautiful state of Vermont…it was such a fun, fun weekend!

My husband plays guitar, and was invited by our good friends who make up the band Lefty Lucy to play at a wedding last weekend.  (hey, Lucy!!  🙂 )  I had never met the bride, groom, or anyone in the wedding party before last weekend, but they were sweethearts and invited me to come along as a wedding guest.  How nice, right?

We stayed at the Equinox Resort in Manchester, Vermont.  Here’s a photo I borrowed from the Equinox website – the town of Manchester is truly picturesque!

The leaves are just now beginning to change here in PA, but in Vermont, fall has hit full-force.  Even though it was pretty rainy and foggy and chilly all weekend, it was still stunningly beautiful there.  These are some pics I took around the wedding reception area:

The reception was inside this boat house on the water:

The setting of the wedding was really rustic, but the decor was so elegant, and the flowers were gorgeous

(can you spot my hubby in the background with his guitar?)

All in all, it was a great weekend with super nice, fun people, and the wedding was so sweet.  If you’re a follower on my blog, you might be wondering, “how did you do with your 30 Day No Alcohol challenge?”  Well, glad you asked 😉

I did….pretty darn good, all things considered.  You see, the groom of this wedding happens to be an awesome chef, and he happens to be friends with some of the best winemakers in California.  And I happen to LOVE a good glass of wine.  Are you following where I’m going here??

One of the guests of the wedding is the winemaker for a winery that has a 12 MONTH WAITING LIST.  Meaning, you can sign up for their mailing list, and in 12 months, you just might possibly have the opportunity to buy a bottle of their wine if you’re lucky, but there’s no guarantee.  And this winemaker happened to give the very generous gift of several cases of his Pinot Noir to the bride and groom.  Which happened to be served at a party the day before their wedding.  Which I couldn’t pass up.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for some amazing pinot.  And I went for it – in moderation 😉

In addition, the best man at this wedding happened to be a certain celebrity chef, who we happened to have dinner with the night before the wedding, and who happened to order some really delicious wine for us to enjoy with dinner.  Um, couldn’t pass that up either!  So I enjoyed – again, in moderation 😉

I’m not going to beat myself up about it – for me, it was a lesson in enjoying the good things in life in moderation. The weekend wasn’t about drinking…it was more about being with great friends, making new friends, and just enjoying the heck out of being in the beautiful state of Vermont.  And I’ll toast to that 🙂

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, wherever you are!  What makes a great weekend for you?  Spending time with friends, enjoying some delicious eats, physical activities – please share!


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