2013 goals

In 2012, I outlined several goals that I wanted to achieve within the year.  Publicly declaring my goals really helped me stay accountable throughout the year to achieve them.  I’m doing the same in 2013 – and I’d love to know your goals too, if you care to share!

{ Health }

1.  Be able to do the splits again (LOL)
2.  Run a race

{ Habitat }

3.  Organize the last annoying spaces in our home; namely our garage and our basement
4.  Do a thorough spring and fall cleaning of our home

{ Happiness }

5.  Follow a budget, reduce debt, and save more $
6.  Travel!  Visit my family!
7.  Start family traditions

{ Hobbies }

8.  Learn how to knit
9.  Learn Photoshop
10.  Read more books

Like last year, I will update this page as goals are completed, or as progress is made towards achieving them.

You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream. -C.S. Lewis

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