13 in ’13: Winemaking!

My friend Joanne had a brilliant idea for 2013: a group of us are going to do 13 new things together in 2013; fun things that maybe we’ve wanted to try for the first time or learn more about.  Examples of these “13 things” could be running a 5k, taking a self defense class, learning about macro photography, or learning how to cook something interesting.

So, for January, we decided to get together to make wine!  Specifically, Pinot Grigio, which happens to be my faaavorite white wine 🙂

Below are some pics from Saturday night – thanks, Sara and Joanne, I had a blast! (And we missed you, Julie!)

First, we read the directions 😉


Here’s the Pinot Grigio grape juice in a huge box!


Next, we added warm water to the bottom of the big bucket:


Then, added a packet of some mystery substance to the water:


Next came the juice!


More stirring…


And then we rinsed out the juice bag with more water, which was added to the bucket:


Final step was to sprinkle yeast over the top of the liquid:


…It may look a little creepy now, but in a short time we’ll each have oodles and oodles of delicious vino!


Can you tell I’m excited?!?


In about a week, we’ll check the alcohol level and if it’s ready, we’ll syphon the wine into another container called a “carboy.”  Then, I think there are a few more steps before it’s ready to be bottled.

What a fun evening with some great ladies!  I love the idea of setting a group goal to try new things and learn from each other this year.  If you were to pick 13 new things to try in 2013, what would some of those things be?  I think we could use some inspiration for extra goals to add to our list 🙂

oh and p.s. I forgot to mention I CHOPPED a ton of my hair off!!  what do you think?


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