My Planner

Don’t you just love January?  The year is all shiny and new and full of possibilities.  And you know what else a new year means…a new calendar!

I don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly satisfying to cross my “to do’s” off of a written list.  Even though I use my smartphone to keep track of work meetings and other tasks, I really like to have a paper planner for day-to-day use.  I’ve been working on creating the perfect planner for 2013 – and I think I’m almost there!

First of all, I purchased this notebook from the M by Staples line (from…duh…Staples):

My PlannerI really like these notebooks!  Not only is this one a beautiful pink leather, but it is totally customizable, as the pages pop in and out easily and can be moved around as you like.  And, as you’ll see, I discovered that this notebook is compatible with the Martha Stewart line of planner products, also sold at Staples!  (Note: I changed out the 1/2″ discs on the original notebook, and purchased the 1″ size instead so that my notebook could hold more pages)

I added a zipper pocket to the front, which holds sticky notes and tabs from the Martha Stewart line:

Sticky Notes

Now for the calendar:  I purchased Martha Stewart’s discbound notebook calendar insert for 2013, which includes both a weekly and monthly format.

I use the monthly pages to keep track of appointments and things that I want to get done during the month:

Monthly Calendar

And I use the weekly pages to keep track of my meetings and appointments in more detail:

Weekly Pages

Here are a couple of things I really like about my weekly calendar pages:

  • Each day is broken up into morning, afternoon, and evening
  • There are also two empty boxes at the bottom of each day.  One row is where I write down our meal plan for the week.  On the second row, I use these removable stickers to keep track of what things I want to get done around the house each day.  I dunno, I feel like if it’s on a colorful sticker, I’m more likely to complete the task 😉
  • I’m not sure if you can see this, but I use a sheet from this task pad daily to write down any “to do’s” and my meal plan for the day.  The task pad sheets also act as a page marker.

And finally, I use my tabs to separate the section of the notebook pages that I inserted behind the calendar.  I have reference pages, home-related pages, lists, blog ideas, health-related pages, and my to do list for work.  The Martha Stewart calendar does not have anything to separate each month, so I also added a couple of tabs to the monthly calendar pages.


I love how everything is conveniently in one small notebook that I can easily throw in my bag every morning!  I hope this post gives you a few good ideas, in case you want to create one of these notebooks for yourself.

Do you use a paper daily planner system?  Or do you prefer a digital calendar?


4 thoughts on “My Planner

  1. Love this! I, too, like a paper planner for daily use. I love that you built your own custom planner. I just purchased refills/colored note paper/to do sheets for my filofax. It does feel like a fresh start each time you set up a new calendar!

  2. I vacillate between paper and electronic. I LOVE using a paper planner, but I tend to be looking at my technology way more than my book. What software do you use on your phone? Just ical?

    Glad to see you back. Happy New year!


    • Hey girl! I wish I could completely just rely on my technology but I’m such a compulsive list writer, LOL! On my phone, I use iCal and my Outlook calendar at work syncs up with it, but I also like to use Remember the Milk and Evernote. I have a ton of other apps but those are the two I keep going back to. What about you?

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