40 Days of Spring Cleaning

Download a PDF of this checklist here!


1. Throw out expired medications and old cosmetics.  Organize and wipe down these storage areas
2. Clean out areas under the sink in all bathrooms
3. Reseal grout lines in master bathroom
4. Scrub floors
5. Clean windows and light fixtures


6. Wash all bedding, pillows, etc.
7. Wipe down walls and baseboards.
8. Clean windows, blinds, and window treatments
9. Clean out and organize closets and dresser drawers


10.  Clean behind refrigerator, vacuum coils
11.  Clean oven
12.  Wipe out cabinets and drawers
13.  Clean and sanitize kitchen trashcan
14.  Wipe down baseboards and pantry doors with Magic Eraser
15.  Clean out inside of pantry and kitchen closet
16.  Clean wood floors
17.  Clean windows

Living Room / Den:

18. Clean window treatments
19. Clean blinds and windows
20. Wipe down walls and baseboards
21. Clean framed photos and paintings on the walls
22. Wipe down electronics
23. Clean hardwood floors

Dining Room:

24. Clean out and organize sideboard
25. Wipe down walls and baseboards
26. Clean hardwood floors
27. Clean blinds, windows and screens

Basement / Bar:

28. Vacuum, dust
29. Clean tile floors
30. Straighten up storage area
31. Wipe down bar and cabinets
32. Clean out media closet

Around the House:

33. Change air filters
34. Dust lightbulbs and light fixtures; change any lightbulbs that are burnt out
35. Have carpets steam cleaned
36. Spray paint air vents white


37. Clean deck
38. Wipe down deck furniture


39. Clean out email inbox
40. Take any giveaway items to donation center

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