Still going strong: #minsgame day 13 through 16



  • Day 13 – cleaning supplies, iced tea maker, dog toys
  • Day 14 – expired supplements, coffee mugs, random kitchen items
  • Day 15 – more kitchen clutter!
  • Day 16 – nail supplies, perfume that doesn’t smell nice on me, 3 belts
  • What I’m learning…It doesn’t matter if I paid “good money” for clutter. If I’m not going to use it, why keep it?

First four days of #minsgame

Here’s what I unloaded on my first four days of playing the “minsgame.”

  • Day 1 – nail polish
  • Day 2 – dog collar that no longer fits Pickles, pleather purse circa 2001
  • Day 3 – lip glosses that look heinous on me
  • Day 4 – almost empty bottles of carpet cleaner, “Urine Gone” (fortunately never used), stinky air freshener