Sunday Savage Session and posing update

Eek!  Less than 2 weeks out until the show!

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of this experience has been connecting with “Savage sisters” who have similar goals and interests.  What an amazing, smart, talented group of ladies.  I mean, seriously – these women are top-notch.  And so welcoming and kind and not ever the least bit catty – love them!

So today I joined a few of these women for a “Sunday Savage Session,” which included an hour long workout and then an hour of posing practice at the end.  The workout was great!  And the posing?  Well, let’s just say I still have a lot to learn (um, yeah, in 2 weeks).

I’m posting a quick video here of my walk and posing practice from today, and should mention:

1)  the video is super shaky – sorry
2)  yes, I realize I’m prancing about in my sports bra.  I mean really, I’ve already posted pics on this blog of me in my bikini — clearly, I have no shame 😉

In other news, I’m feeling a wee bit overwhelmed about Monday looming right around the corner.  Didn’t get all my “to dos” done, and I’m behind with work stuff.  Plus I’m feeling like my house is a mess and I need another weekend to put a dent in everything I feel like I need to accomplish right now.

But I saw this floating around on Pinterest today and thought it was worth sharing (and remind myself):

BOOM.  Truth. 

Have a lovely, imperfect day 😉

“Matthew McConaugh-heyyyyyy”

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the gorgeous Stephanie Keenan to learn a little bit about how to pose and walk in my upcoming competition.

Basically, all you have to do is walk across the stage in your bikini and 5″ clear heels, pose, wave, and then walk away.  Sounds simple, right?  Uh, no.  I have never felt more awkward in my life as I did while trying to mimic Stephanie’s effortless walk!

If I had to think of an image that represented my attempts to walk and pose in those shoes, it would be this:

Who would have thought that walking could be so hard?

Fortunately, I did start to loosen up a little bit after a while and started (hopefully) looking a little less bizarre.  But I’m definitely going to need a LOT of practice — Stephanie suggested at least 15 – 20 minutes a day!

Here are the basic things I’ll be working on:

1.   The “step and drag.”  When I reach the middle of the stage, I will “step and drag” my foot to meet my other foot, heel to arch.  Then turn around, “step and drag” so that my back is to the judges.  Turn, “step and drag” again to the front.

2.  SMILE!  Stephanie said that you want your face (and smile) to be the first and last thing the judges see.  When my back is facing the judges, Steph says to think in my head “Matthew McConaugh-heyyy” and turn my head and smile, turning back around when I think the “heyyyy” part.  Funny, but it works!

3.  The walk.  I will be doing what Cathy Savage calls the “spotlight walk” on stage.  This involves walking in a V-shape to the front of the stage, posing, waving, and then walking back off stage.  The lovely Lindsay Messina does a fabulous job of explaining the walk in this video:

I have my work cut out for me!  I’ll try to post my own video after I’ve had a chance to practice for a bit 😉

If you’ve ever competed in a Fitness America competition before, I’d love to hear your tips!