First four days of #minsgame

Here’s what I unloaded on my first four days of playing the “minsgame.”

  • Day 1 – nail polish
  • Day 2 – dog collar that no longer fits Pickles, pleather purse circa 2001
  • Day 3 – lip glosses that look heinous on me
  • Day 4 – almost empty bottles of carpet cleaner, “Urine Gone” (fortunately never used), stinky air freshener

So much stuff

Lately, I’ve been feeling that I have way, way too much stuff in my life.

Take my clothing, for instance. For years, I’ve whined to my husband that my closet is just not big enough. I’ve begged to take over one of our guest bedrooms and turn it into a giant walk-in closet, large enough to hold all of my clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, and makeup. Every spring, I haul all of my winter sweaters and boots into another room to make space for my spring and summer items. Every fall, I do the same thing in reverse. And even with only half of my clothing in my closet, it is packed full!  It’s maddening. And kind of disgusting.

One morning a few weeks ago, it dawned on me that the issue is not the size of my closet — it’s the size of my wardrobe. I mean really, who needs so many clothes?? Instead of complaining all the time about “not enough space,” why don’t I create more space by getting rid of stuff? Wouldn’t it be nice to just pare down to the essentials — items that I love to wear and that I feel look good in? I started reading about Project 333 and thought, “Aha! This is what I need to do!” So, I bit the bullet and edited my closet down to 33 items, which I will wear for the next 3 months.

It’s only been a couple of weeks of wearing my 33-item wardrobe, and already I feel there has been a weight lifted off of my shoulders. And it’s making me evaluate other areas of clutter in our home.

Last night, I stumbled across a post on The Minimalists about a challenge called the “MinsGame,” where each day of the month, you get rid of crap in your home. On the first day, you get rid of 1 item, the 2nd day you get rid of 2 items, and so on. At the end of the month, you will have dumped close to 500 items if you follow every day. Whoa?!

As yesterday was May 1st, I thought to myself, “no time like the present!” I hopped up and found one item to get rid of – an old bottle of nail polish that I purchased probably 6 years ago. It was separated and really not the prettiest color. Into the garbage it went.

I am going to attempt to follow through on this challenge for the month of May. I’m pretty sure I could easily get rid of 500 items and still have more to unload. I already have a “future yard sale” pile of stuff in our basement, so I will add to that pile and will plan to have a yard sale in June. Items like clothes will go to Goodwill; items like cosmetics will go in the garbage.  I may also post photos on Instagram.

Are you interested in playing along? What 1 thing (for May 1st) and 2 things (for May 2nd) will you get rid of today? How do you manage the creep of stuff in your home?

p.s. I do realize it’s been forever since I’ve publicly posted on this blog. I’ve been using the ol’ blog as a diary of sorts and haven’t published a lot of things I’ve written. If you’re reading this, thanks for following along 🙂