Turbofire Week 2 Review – I Think I Got a Booty Call

I’m back with another update on my TurboFire progress and a quick review of the program!

Check out Week 1’s review here if you’re interested.

I’m still really enjoying getting my booty handed to me by Chalene.  🙂

Although I’ve done the same workouts for the first two weeks, they haven’t become boring yet.  However, I’ve been choosing the “music fired up” option on the DVDs that I’ve done a few times, which basically raises the volume of the music and lowers the volume of Chalene’s voice, so you are listening to mostly music instead of her cues.

So far, I’ve completed the following:

  • FireStarter Workout – the intro workout for TurboFire, which teaches you the basic moves (about 40 minutes)
  • Fire 45 EZ Class – a longer cardio class without the HIIT intervals (45 minutes)
  • Low HIIT 20 Class – low-impact, high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions, with 1 minute of HIIT sessions followed by 1 minute of rest / review.  This is the DVD with the “Booty Call” song on it, hence my blog title (20 minutes)
  • Abs 10 Class – ab workouts!!  (10 minutes)
  • Stretch 10 Class – a simple stretch routine to complete each day’s workout (10 minutes)

I’m slightly tempted to try other DVD’s in the pack ahead of time, only because I’m curious to see what’s different about them, but I’m forcing myself to stay on track with the suggested schedule.

The good news is that by the end of week 2, I didn’t feel like I was going.to.die at the end of each workout.  I can tell that my cardio is already improving!

Love this!

Love this!

My progress after week 2 is 1 pound lost.  As I mentioned before, I’ll post (eek!) progress pics and measurements after the first month.

What are your favorite workouts this week?

Turbofire Week 1 Review – Nothing EZ About It


Hey friends!  I mentioned recently that I purchased TurboFire and thought it would be fun to share my initial impressions of the program.

The program comes with a series of DVDs, a nutrition guide, some resistance bands, and a schedule to follow.  I hung the schedule inside of the closet in my basement where I’m doing the workouts, and I love being able to check them off as the days are completed.

You work out 6 days per week with the TurboFire schedule, and each session ends with a 10-minute stretch session.  I really like that, because I’m not always good about stretching, and this forces me to slow down and include stretching in my daily routine.  The schedule suggests Wednesday as your “rest day,” but I’ve switched it to Friday, as that works better with my schedule.


Although I’m technically doing the beginner DVDs in the pack, I gotta tell you, it is TOUGH!  Wow, it’s a great cardiovascular workout.  So far, I’ve only done a few of the workouts, including the 20 minute low impact HIIT, the 10 minute abs, the “FireStarter” session, and the 45 minute “EZ” class.  Yeah, right – EZ my ass!  I was a red-faced, sweaty mess when I finished that one!  I love that it’s so challenging.

I read a lot of reviews that said the choreography is tough to pick up on, and that it’s difficult to follow Chalene’s cues.  I totally disagree – maybe it’s because I have a dance background, but I think the choreography is explained in a way that’s easy to pick up on.  There’s also a “new to class” option if you want to take the choreography a little slower to learn the moves.

And seriously, Chalene is amazing.  She’s cheering you on the whole time, and you really feel like you’re in the class with her!  I just love her energy – she is awesome.

So – I plan on posting measurements and progress photos after the end of the first month, but I’ll go ahead and share my progress after the first week:  After doing TurboFire Monday through Thursday of last week, I was down 1.5 pounds by Friday morning.  Aaaand then I gained it back over the weekend, ugh!  I’m glad that I noticed that, because it showed me that I need to stay on track over the weekend in order to continue to progress towards my goals.

Check out my Week 2 review here.

Have you every tried TurboFire?  What did you think and / or what were your results?

Why I stopped reading 50 Shades of Grey

I’ve been debating about writing this post for a while now.  If you haven’t heard about the book 50 Shades of Grey, you must be living on another planet!  I was intrigued when I first heard discussion about this book on the Today Show.  Then I heard whispers of 50 Shades of Grey from coworkers, and friends posted on Facebook about staying up all night for days on end to read the trilogy.  I love to read and, although erotica is not my literary category of choice, I decided to download 50 Shades onto my Kindle for poolside reading while on our vacation in Mexico.

Well, I must tell you, I got about 6 chapters in and just had to call it quits.  To be fair, this is not a review of the book – as I couldn’t didn’t finish the whole book!  However, this is my reasoning for why I chose not to read the book in its entirety.

Truthfully?  I’m seriously tired of today’s literary heroine.

Can Anastasia even be called a heroine?  She blushes at the drop of a hat and can’t speak a sentence without stammering and biting her lip.  She can’t walk across the street without tripping over her own feet, only to be caught in the arms of a dashing  young man.  Did I mention she has an incredibly annoying habit of biting her lip OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN?  She’s 21 years old and seems to have lived in a bubble for 2 decades.  To me, she comes across as juvenile, unempowered, and weak.

Guess who this reminds me of?  Oh yeah, Bella from the Twilight series.  I did actually read the entire series of the Twilight books – they weren’t quite so painful.  But I felt the same way about her character:  she couldn’t eat, sleep, or breathe on her own without Edward.  She constantly had to be “rescued” at every turn.  She fainted at the drop of a hat.  Her body was even completely overtaken by her lover’s spawn when she became pregnant, for goodness sake!

Ugh, enough of these weaklings, I say!  What happened to the days of Jane Eyre, Jo March, even Scarlett O’Hara??  These were WOMEN in my estimation.  They understood their power, their intelligence, their sexuality.  Even though these characters “lived” in an era of a male-dominated world, they knew how to use their strengths and their wiles to get what they wanted and needed.  They worked hard and pulled themselves up by their bootstraps when times got tough.  They were beautiful and feminine and lovely but dammit they were tenacious.  That’s who I want to read about!

(I think this may be why I enjoyed the Hunger Games series so much.  Katniss is a character I can cheer for.  By the way, I promise I do read books other than young juvenile literature, ha!)

So in conclusion, I’ve had it with vulnerable, delicate flowers starring as the protagonists of today’s popular books.  Enough of thin, unbelievable plot-lines where the males are always 1) incredibly handsome, 2) incredibly rich, 3) incredibly strong, and 4) incredibly boring.  And I don’t care to spend any more of my precious time reading about naive, vanilla girls with creepy, borderline stalker boyfriends 😉

Have you read 50 Shades of Grey?  What did you think?  Oh, and can you recommend a more interesting book to load on my Kindle?

Reader request: Cathy Savage Fitness review

Nici recently left such a sweet comment!  She says:

Thanks, Nici!  First off – go check out Nici’s Tumblr page – by the time this posts, I believe she will have completed her first competition!  Head over to give the girl some props!!! Goooo Nici!!!  🙂

And I’m more than happy to answer your questions:

Yes, I am an online “Savage girl.”  And there are a lot of us online, including internationally.  Cathy Savage Fitness is based out of Boston, MA – but the cool thing is that you can stay in touch with everyone so easily through Facebook, emails, etc.

Cathy sends out a group email just about every single day to the team, and I love them!  They are always very motivational in nature – sometimes it’s a link to a great song or video on YouTube, sometimes its inspirational stories about other Savage girls, and sometimes it’s just a little “kick in the ass” kind of message that always seems to come at the right time 🙂

In addition, when you sign up for the services, you are assigned a coach.  My coach is Brook Nicole – check out her website!  She’s freakin’ adorable:

I check in with Brooke every 2 weeks.  Leading up to a competition (from 12 weeks out), I would check in with my coach weekly.  Every week, I’d send Brooke photos of myself and would give her an idea of my meals, my workouts, and any challenges I might be having.  She would then respond back in a day or two with any recommendations for changes to my program.

Also, once a week, Cathy holds “live chat” calls.  They are usually about an hour long, and they are held at 9am Eastern time (so 12 hours later your time in Australia?).   A few days later, the calls are posted on the Cathy Savage Fitness site and you can access them and listen to them at any time – I usually have to do that as I run a work meeting every day at 9:00am that I can’t miss.

It’s hard for me to tell you for sure how personalized the program is, as I haven’t really compared my program with other Savage girls’.  If I were to guess though, I think the basic nutrition and workouts are the same, but certain parts of the program are tweaked according to your specific needs.  For instance, your coach will tell you how many servings of proteins, starches, veggies, fats, etc. to have in a day – and that is based on your check-ins and how you’re progressing week to week.  Or, your coach may have you do an extra workout focused on a trouble area, like your legs or abs or shoulders (for me, it was my quads because my legs were a bit skinny haha).

The nutrtition plan is very flexible!  Like I said, you are told specific portion sizes that are customized for you as far as your proteins, fats, carbs, veggies, and fruits.  You are given a big list of clean foods to choose from, so you can pick what you like from the list.  I had cheat (or treat) meals once a week up until about 4 weeks out from my show.  I never felt deprived and had a TON of energy up until the week of my competition!

My husband definitely benefited from this plan – he lost about 10 pounds in the process just by eating the same way I was!  (lucky guy)  We both cut back on alcohol, too.  He was very supportive throughout the whole process, but I’ll be honest, I felt very lonely in my journey as I was prepping.  It was tough to be so singularly focused on meals and workouts for such a long time.  We rarely had dinner together during my competition prep, only because I was getting home so late from work and the gym and didn’t want to keep him waiting on me 😦

I didn’t take a lot of supplements at all during my training.  I did incorporate BCAA’s on weight training days, and used whey protein powder here and there.  Cathy Savage is also a big supporter of the Isagenix products that I’ve mentioned before on this blog.

And finally, as far as the training is concerned, I think it depends on what you are training for.  For me, I was prepping for a bikini competition, and my training consisted of daily cardio (but not too much cardio), and then body part training.  So one day might be chest & back, one day might be legs & core, and one day is shoulders & arms.  Then I would have one day of “functional” training, which consisted of things like sprints and plyometrics.  Again, your coach would assign you a plan that would work best for you.  My plan consisted of cardio 5 days per week, weight training 4 days per week, and 1 day of functional training.

Overall, I would highly recommend Cathy Savage Fitness to anyone (guy or girl) who is looking to change their physique and do it the healthy way.  They have such a smart, balanced approach to training and nutrition.  Cathy and her team are experts at what they do – you won’t find anyone better, I promise!  And – the motto with CSF is “it’s all about sisterhood.”  It’s so amazing to connect with like-minded women who are such true talents…this has been worth so much to me!

I hope this helps answer some of your questions, Nici!  Best of luck with your competition –  I know you are going to KILL it, girl!!!!!  🙂