Spring Cleaning – Part 1

I have been working diligently at my 40 days of spring cleaning!

40 Days of Spring Cleaning

Here is part 1 of my progress thus far.


1. Throw out expired medications and old cosmetics.  Organize and wipe down these storage areas
2. Clean out areas under the sink in all bathrooms
3. Reseal grout lines in master bathroom (haven’t done this yet, but I bought the materials!  Need hubby’s help to finish this) 
4. Scrub floors
5. Clean windows and light fixtures


6. Wash all bedding, pillows, etc.
7. Wipe down walls and baseboards.
8. Clean windows, blinds, and window treatments
9. Clean out and organize closets and dresser drawers

I’m going to finish some stuff up around the kitchen this weekend, and will post that as part 2.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of the Goal Called Life Casa!  🙂

What spring cleaning tasks are you tackling this weekend?

40 Days of Spring Cleaning

In preparation of the observance of Easter, Lent is traditionally a 40-day period where some people decide to fast and focus on practicing self-discipline.

What better time to work towards my goal of an organized home in 2012?

I have decided to do 40 days of spring cleaning, beginning this Wednesday 2/22 and running through Easter!

I put together a list of the 40 tasks I’ll be completing around the house.  These tasks apply to the rooms in my home, but they may be a help to you too, if you decide to follow along!  Click the link below to download!

40 Days of Spring Cleaning

OH, and I will be using products from my new Shaklee Get Clean Kit, which I will also be reviewing along the way (more to come on this):

If you would like to follow along with this challenge on your blog, please feel free to grab the button below!

40 Days of Spring Cleaning

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