June faves

Aaah, summer is finally officially here!  Hope you’re enjoying a lovely weekend.  Unfortunately, I’ve caught a little summer cold and am feeling a bit under the weather today 😦  I still made it to the gym this morning but I’m feeling pretty wiped out.

However, one of my current faves is being put to good use right now to ease my sore throat:

1.  Hot and cold teas:

Throat Coat tea is a lifesaver when you’re dealing with a scratchy, sore throat!  It’s naturally sweet and very soothing.  It contains licorice root and slippery elm bark,  which is a homeopathic remedy for sore throats.  I also read that a lot of singers use Throat Coat tea to help them sing for longer periods of time without problems.  I’m drinking a lot of this tea right now to help with this cold!

However, since it’s summer, and I’m orignally a Southern girl, you know I love my iced tea too!  Growing up, we always drank “sweet tea,” which was basically strong-brewed black tea with a TON of sugar in it.  Up here in PA, you really can’t find sweet tea anywhere, which is probably a good thing because it’s really not good for you!  However, I like to make my own “sweet tea,” using my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker:

(I’ve had my iced tea maker for so many years that I guess it’s an outdated model now…the pic above must be the newer version of it)

My current favorite morning drink (in lieu of hot coffee) is a big cup of plain iced green tea, shaken up with a scoop or two of my Isagenix Want More Energy Mix.  So yummy and refreshing!

2.  Digestive supplements:

Ever since my competition, I don’t know what’s been up with my stomach.  I’ve been battling some pretty annoying digestive issues!  I was having heartburn to the point that I was on Web MD looking for symptoms of a heart attack, and have been bloated and just generally uncomfortable after eating.  I also used to have a stress-related ulcer, and don’t want to start having issues with that again.

I recently read Kimberly Snyder’s Beauty Detox Solution book, and she recommends using a probiotic and a digestive enzyme supplement to help ease some of these issues.  So, here’s what I’m using (so far with good results!):

PB 8 Probiotic Supplement (vegetarian):

Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System:

 3.  Summery skin:

This might possibly be your new cult favorite lotion for the summer – you can thank me later 🙂

Mario Badescu Summer Shine Body Lotion is so delicious.  It smells like coconut and summertime, and has such a beautiful sparkle (but not too glittery!).  It’s not greasy at all and I just love using this on my legs when I’m wearing a short skirt or shorts.  Love this!

4.  Summer reading:

Well, I think I’ve already explained why I’m not reading 50 Shades of Grey like everyone else is this summer 😉  Instead, I picked up a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while by one of my favorite authors, Rebecca Wells:

The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder is such a lovely summer read.   I’ve laughed outloud and shed quite a few tears reading this book, and I haven’t even finished it yet.  I won’t give too much away if you care to read it for yourself, but it’s the story of a sweet girl named Calla Lily Ponder who was born and raised in a small town in Louisiana and and who goes on a journey to find herself in the Big Easy.  (Hint:  I got the hardback book for $5.98 on sale at Barnes & Noble!)

5.  An awesome new app:

Songza is my new favorite music app!  How cool is this:

You tell Songza what you’re doing and what you’re in the mood to hear, and it creates the perfect playlist of music for you. So, so smart!!  If you have an iPhone or iPad, download this app asap!

So these are my faves for the month of June…hope you enjoyed! What are you loving right now? 

It’s like a wellness Christmas!

I was so excited to see a big box from Isagenix sitting on my doorstep when I came home from work today!

Isagenix is a line of nutritional and wellness products which is endorsed by Cathy Savage Fitness.  Let’s face it – I trust Cathy’s opinion so completely that I would pretty much jump off a bridge if she told me to at this point!  That might sound crazy, but Cathy and her team of coaches really know their stuff.  So when my coach Brooke and I had a chance to talk about these products, I thought I should give them a try.

Here are a few reasons why I’ll be trying the Isagenix line:

  1. My system has been a little out of whack since my recent competition.  Although Isagenix offers a “cleansing” line of products, I’m not trying them yet (but I may at some point).  Basically, I want some products that are simple to use and won’t cause any…ahem…gastric distress like many foods are right now.
  2. I’m SICK of eating meat.  Ugh.  Seriously, chicken and fish are truly gag-worthy to me after I ate them at EVERY meal for so long.  I really want to build and maintain my lean muscle without having to consume so much protein in the form of meat products!
  3. Isagenix products are created with super high-quality ingredients and no scary chemicals, like what you’d find in other protein powders.

So…here’s what I ordered!

I’m trying the “Athlete’s Pak,” which includes a protein supplement, energy supplement, vitamins, meal replacement bars – oh, and Brooke was sweet enough to send me a rockin’ picture of her gorgeous self, which I promptly hung on my fridge!

And, I picked up one of these at Walmart to make my shakes:

(How I wish they had the PINK one at Walmart!  I got the orange one.)

I’ll be using the Isagenix products over the next 30 days and will give you my honest review.  I’ve heard so many amazing testimonials about these products that I can’t wait till tomorrow to give them a try!

PWO Powder Power

I gotta tell ya, getting up at the crack of dawn every morning to work out is not always fun.  Once I’m at the gym and working out, I’m glad I’m there.  But at that hour of the morning, I simply don’t have the energy that I’d have if I was working out later in the day!  Plus, I’m usually working out on an empty stomach, which means I have even less energy.

With my upcoming competition, I really want to get the most out of my AM workouts.  So I visited my local Nutrishop and chatted with the guys there to see if they could recommend a good pre-workout supplement.  I love that store – the employees are always super knowledgable and friendly, and never make you feel silly for asking questions!

Typical ingredients in a pre-workout supplement include:

  • Caffeine, which can help support your mental clarity, focus, and your metabolism
  • L-Arginine, which may help you recover from your workouts more quickly, and which can help you have more explosive muscle movements during your workout
  • Beta-Alanine, which may help with your muscular endurance

The employee at Nutrishop was so nice that he actually gave me 3 different samples of pre-workout powders to try.  I sampled them over the last couple of days, and here is my review:

Pre-Workout Supplement #1 – N’SANE

From the manufacturer:

N’SANE™ is an extremely powerful, next generation, ultra concentrated, pre-workout formula utilizing only precise ratios of patented ingredients and quality, active compounds. N’SANE™ is not for beginners and is to be used with caution by serious athletes on intense training programs.N’SANE™ is designed to produce explosive energy, skin tearing muscle pumps, road map vascularity, razor sharp focus, muscular endurance, incredible strength, lean muscular gains and measurable results. N’SANE™ pushes the limits of extreme nitric oxide production, blood volumization and neuro-stimulation when used in conjunction with proper nutrition and a regular weight training program. N’SANE™ is 3 times more potent per serving size, contains NO sugar, NO carbs and NO fat-storing, physique killing fillers like those “other guys”! Insane energy, insane strength, insane pumps and insane growth! This product is N’SANE™!

What time I took it:  5:20am

What time I worked out:  5:45 – 7:00am

Type of workout:  Functional (plyometric) workout

Flavor:  Green apple <– tastes like a jolly rancher, and the flavor is not too strong for my sensitive AM stomach

My thoughts:  I didn’t get the jitters from this product.  I did, however, sweat like a BEAST at the gym that morning, ha!  I think the employee gave me about 1/2 a scoop to sample, and for me, that is a good amount to start with for now.  I was able to power through my workout with lots of energy and left the gym feeling like I was on cloud 9!

Pre-Workout Supplement #2 – Hemovex

From the manufacturer:

Hemovex is the newest Pre-workout supplement to hit the shelves. This Nitric Oxide product will not fail to deliver its promise of intense workouts with greater duration and pump. Hemovex is designed to to promote extreme cell signaling hemodilation, volumization and neuro-stimulation initiated by nitric oxide synthesis.  Hemovex will assist you in your workout by:

-Giving you Explosive Workouts

-More Reps

-Increased Vascularity

-Increased Muscular Volume

-Increased Strength

-Non Stop Energy

-Razor Sharp Focus

What time I took it: 5:30am

What time I worked out:  5:45am – 7:00am

Type of workout:  Cardio (elliptical) and weight training (back and biceps)

Flavor:  Watermelon, mixed with a scoop of my BCAA’s, which is fruit punch flavored.  The taste was similar to Bubble Yum bubble gum…not gross but not tasty either.  (Shown in my post is blue raspberry, which I have not tried.  I have a thing against blue drinks, thanks to an unfortunate New Years Eve experience circa 1999 😉 )

My thoughts:  I don’t have much of an opinion about this product.  I suppose that it helped give me a little more of a boost or focus at the gym, but nothing that noticeable.  I did not get the jitters or shakes from this product either.

Pre-Workout Supplement #3 – Code 3

From the manufacturer:

CODE-3™ by PNR™ (Performance Nutrition Research™) is a concentrate pre-workout product designed to fill the void for the consumers that are currently taking products similar to Jack3d and 1MR but looking for a little more “kick” and performance out of their pre-workout supplement. This is available in Fruit Punch and Apple.

Much like its predecessors , this product will not disappoint upon delivery. Code-3 will give you insane pumps, harder workouts and help you to achieve a more defined YOU.

What time I took it: 2:00pm

What time I worked out:  2:15 – 3:30pm

Type of workout:  Cardio (treadmill) and weight training (shoulders and core)

Flavor:  Fruit punch, mixed with a scoop of BCAA’s; also fruit punch flavored.  Decent flavor and mixed nicely with water.

My thoughts:  I loved Code 3!  I felt great during my workout, and felt kind of “jacked” when I saw myself in the mirror, LOL.  OK maybe I just thought I looked jacked, but hey, I’ll take it 😉  I did feel the slightest bit jittery from this product…but perhaps that was because I took it mid-day rather than first thing in the AM?

What I ended up purchasing:

N’SANE!!!  How could I resist a product with a warning label like that?  I’ve only used it again for one morning since I tried the sample.  I took a 1/2 scoop like before, but this time, about an hour after my workout I got major jitters and felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin.  I ate a little bit of oatmeal with almond butter and that calmed me down.  So we’ll see how it works.  It’s not cheap ($40+ for a container), so I hope I didn’t waste my money.

Have you tried a pre-workout supplement?  What did you love / hate about it?