What I Ate Wednesday + Random Outfit

Hi friends! It feels nice to be paying attention to this little blog again 🙂  I’m here today with a “WIAW,” or What I Ate Wednesday, courtesy of Peas & Crayons (click the button in this post to visit the P&C blog!).

Today was a pretty typical day of eats for me.  I started off my day with my daily ritual of watching the Today Show with a cup of coffee and breakfast, a bowl of Bear Naked Fit cereal with coconut milk:

Breakfast WIAWLunch was from California Tortilla.  I’m not a huge fan of this place, but I wanted to get some fresh air at lunchtime so I walked over there from my office.  The food is – eh, ok.  They do have an interesting selection of hot sauces with names like, “Rectal Rocket Fuel.”  And I’m serious.  I ordered a chicken and veggie bowl with brown rice and a Vanilla Diet Coke.

Lunch WIAWThe hubs picked up dinner for us tonight, which was pretty much a repeat of my lunch!  I didn’t complain, though, as I was starving and this came from one of my favorite places, Chipotle.  He ordered me a veggie bowl with black beans, fajita veggies, and guac.  Good stuff 😉

Dinner WIAWAnd on a random side note, I thought you might find it funny that I noticed I wore the exact same color scheme today as the Vera Bradley that I carry to work every day.

OOTDSo matchy matchy!

Now I’m just relaxing and watching the last few minutes of Top Chef Masters on Bravo (obsessed).  Hope you’ve had a great day!


Hello, friends!

It’s been a little while since I had a “What I Ate Wednesday” post up in here.  I remembered to keep track of my eats yesterday…let me know if you sense a theme here 😉

1. Breakfast was my current favorite protein shake, made with 1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 3/4 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, 2 tablespoons of pumpkin, 1 tablespoon of flax seed, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and ice:

2. Late in the morning, I enjoyed a cup of Starbucks from our office Keurig, a brown rice cake, and about a tablespoon of almond butter:

3. I stepped out at lunchtime and grabbed a grande non-fat Pumpkin Spice Latte from Stabucks:

4. Later, I enjoyed a Twizzler and…you guessed it…another Starbucks beverage! This time it was a Refresher (I’m addicted to these!)

5. When I got snacky late in the afternoon, I grabbed some baby carrots and a little bit of spinach dip to hold me over until dinner:

6. And finally, my husband and I did not feel like cooking at all for dinner, so we nuked some of these evol burritos for dinner (which are actually surprisingly delicious)

So, yeah…my eats were truly unremarkable and surprisingly full of Starbucks products. I could have definitely made some improvements, but hey, I’m keeping it real around here!

Can I make up for my crappy eats with a “What I Wore Wednesday” (WIWW) instead? Here’s a recap of my outfit of the day:

Outfit of the Day, October 9th

Playing on Polyvore is so much fun!  I get to pretend I wore anything half as expensive as what you see here 😉  In reality, my shirt came from Target, as did my skinny jeans, my shoes were on sale at Macy’s, my lipgloss was a freebie from Ulta, and my scarf was a super clearance item from Boscov’s.

What’s on your menu today?  Hopefully something much healthier than what you see here!  Have a fabulous day 🙂

WIAW – Food & thoughts on fitness!

So I’m pretty sure I suck at these WIAW posts, as you will see evidenced in the photos below.  I have every intention of taking a pic, and then before you know it – poof!  Empty plate lies before me.  Bad blogger!

Regardless – here’s what I ate yesterday…make sure to check out Peas & Crayons for other “What I Ate Wednesday” posts by bloggers who actually remember to take photos!


Doin’ good, took a pic of my macadamia cookie-flavored coffee and Truvia…

…plus remembered to snap a pic of my cinnamon Ezekiel toast on the way out the door….

…then, doh!  Scarfed down a container full of greek yogurt and mixed berries at work…so here’s some dirty Tupperware for ya 😉

Snack #1:

An apple and a slice of cheese…


Moving on, I actually got up early in the morning to roast some veggies to take to work for lunch.  So here’s the before pic of the lovely colorful veggies….

…and wouldn’t you know that I forgot to actually take a photo of the finished product for my lunch.  Picture the veggies above all roasted up nicely along with some turkey meatballs, which looked somewhat less presentable than this picture that I borrowed off o’ the ‘net…


I fail again.  I did remember to snap my next snack – some sliced cucumbers and hummus:


Finally, we had some friends stop by yesterday after work and my hubby ordered a GINORMOUS  platter of sushi!

We deSTROYed it, standard 😉

All in all, it was a good day of eats!

Since this month’s WIAW theme is “Food & Fitness,” I wanted to ask your opinion on CrossFit.  Anyone out there a fan? Or a Crossfitter?

I’m really feeling like I need to do something new.  I’m ready to shake up my fitness routine again…I’ve been feeling a little blah lately.  I was looking at the website for the upcoming CrossFit games and damn, those chicks are so badASS!  Girl crush, girl crush!

I mean, really:


So what do you think?  There’s a CrossFit facility near me…should I call them up and try out a class?  What should I expect?  Will I get my booty handed to me??  I value your opinion! 🙂


WIAW – Sensible Snacks

Good morning, lovelies!  Time for another WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday), courtesy of Peas and Crayons.  This week’s theme is “sensible snacking.” I love to snack throughout the day but usually try to make sure the snack contains at least one fruit or vegetable to make sure the snack stays low-cal and full of fiber!

Breakfast:  My favorite Special K Protein Plus cereal and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  I can’t deal with a hot breakfast in the summer – blech!

On the road to work:  Trader Joe’s Crimson Blossom Tea (iced of course) mixed with a scoop of Isagenix Want More Energy.  And yes, I do “want more energy!!”  This nasty summer cold is knocking the energy right outta me 😦

Sensible Snack:  2 hard-boiled  eggs and a big bunch of the most delicious organic green grapes

Lunch:  (unpictured) A tuna sandwich on Arnold thin bread and a cup of the gazpacho I made over the weekend

Sensible Snack:  Some sliced up peppers and the rest of my Trader Joe’s spicy hummus

Dinner:  Shredded chicken that I cooked all day in the crock pot with some salsa, over a bed of romaine lettuce, black beans, and hot sauce, and topped with a dollop of greek yogurt

And there ya have it!  Not the most exciting or pretty day of eats – to be honest, my appetite is a bit lackluster due to my cold, but I’m just trying to stay hydrated and eat as cleanly as possible.

What’s on your menu today?