Turbofire Week 2 Review – I Think I Got a Booty Call

I’m back with another update on my TurboFire progress and a quick review of the program!

Check out Week 1’s review here if you’re interested.

I’m still really enjoying getting my booty handed to me by Chalene.  🙂

Although I’ve done the same workouts for the first two weeks, they haven’t become boring yet.  However, I’ve been choosing the “music fired up” option on the DVDs that I’ve done a few times, which basically raises the volume of the music and lowers the volume of Chalene’s voice, so you are listening to mostly music instead of her cues.

So far, I’ve completed the following:

  • FireStarter Workout – the intro workout for TurboFire, which teaches you the basic moves (about 40 minutes)
  • Fire 45 EZ Class – a longer cardio class without the HIIT intervals (45 minutes)
  • Low HIIT 20 Class – low-impact, high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions, with 1 minute of HIIT sessions followed by 1 minute of rest / review.  This is the DVD with the “Booty Call” song on it, hence my blog title (20 minutes)
  • Abs 10 Class – ab workouts!!  (10 minutes)
  • Stretch 10 Class – a simple stretch routine to complete each day’s workout (10 minutes)

I’m slightly tempted to try other DVD’s in the pack ahead of time, only because I’m curious to see what’s different about them, but I’m forcing myself to stay on track with the suggested schedule.

The good news is that by the end of week 2, I didn’t feel like I was going.to.die at the end of each workout.  I can tell that my cardio is already improving!

Love this!

Love this!

My progress after week 2 is 1 pound lost.  As I mentioned before, I’ll post (eek!) progress pics and measurements after the first month.

What are your favorite workouts this week?

Turbofire Week 1 Review – Nothing EZ About It


Hey friends!  I mentioned recently that I purchased TurboFire and thought it would be fun to share my initial impressions of the program.

The program comes with a series of DVDs, a nutrition guide, some resistance bands, and a schedule to follow.  I hung the schedule inside of the closet in my basement where I’m doing the workouts, and I love being able to check them off as the days are completed.

You work out 6 days per week with the TurboFire schedule, and each session ends with a 10-minute stretch session.  I really like that, because I’m not always good about stretching, and this forces me to slow down and include stretching in my daily routine.  The schedule suggests Wednesday as your “rest day,” but I’ve switched it to Friday, as that works better with my schedule.


Although I’m technically doing the beginner DVDs in the pack, I gotta tell you, it is TOUGH!  Wow, it’s a great cardiovascular workout.  So far, I’ve only done a few of the workouts, including the 20 minute low impact HIIT, the 10 minute abs, the “FireStarter” session, and the 45 minute “EZ” class.  Yeah, right – EZ my ass!  I was a red-faced, sweaty mess when I finished that one!  I love that it’s so challenging.

I read a lot of reviews that said the choreography is tough to pick up on, and that it’s difficult to follow Chalene’s cues.  I totally disagree – maybe it’s because I have a dance background, but I think the choreography is explained in a way that’s easy to pick up on.  There’s also a “new to class” option if you want to take the choreography a little slower to learn the moves.

And seriously, Chalene is amazing.  She’s cheering you on the whole time, and you really feel like you’re in the class with her!  I just love her energy – she is awesome.

So – I plan on posting measurements and progress photos after the end of the first month, but I’ll go ahead and share my progress after the first week:  After doing TurboFire Monday through Thursday of last week, I was down 1.5 pounds by Friday morning.  Aaaand then I gained it back over the weekend, ugh!  I’m glad that I noticed that, because it showed me that I need to stay on track over the weekend in order to continue to progress towards my goals.

Check out my Week 2 review here.

Have you every tried TurboFire?  What did you think and / or what were your results?

Sweat it Out: October Workout Playlist

I’m finally BACK with a new rockin’ playlist for this month.  I can’t wait to load this onto my iPod and get outside in the fresh fall air 🙂

Click the image below to be directed to this month’s October 2012 workout playlist in iTunes.  Have fun!!!

October 2012 Workout Playlist:

  1. Feel Again – OneRepublic 
  2. Lucky Strike – Maroon 5
  3. Anna Sun – WALK THE MOON
  4. Sweet Nothing (feat. Florence Welch)  – Calvin Harris
  5. She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) [feat. Sia] –  David Guetta
  6. Yeah Yeah – Willy Moon
  7. Catch My Breath – Kelly Clarkson
  8. Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding
  9. Beauty and a Beat (feat. Nicki Minaj) – Justin Bieber
  10. Primadonna – Marina and The Diamonds

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Sweat it Out: July Workout Playlist

So excited for a new playlist!  I spent FOREVER dealing with iTunes problems this morning so I’m glad to finally post this for you today!

Click the image below to be directed to this month’s July 2012 workout playlist in iTunes.  Then put some shoes on, head out the door, and get MOVING!

July 2012 Workout Playlist:

  1. The Fire – The Roots & John Legend 
  2. Get Some (Remix by Beck) – Lykke Li <– I used my powers of investigation to figure out this song after hearing it on a car commercial – it’s da bomb
  3. Titanium (feat. Sia) – David Guetta & Sia
  4. Bailando Por El Mundo (feat. Pitbull) – Juan Magan
  5. All I do Is Win –  DJ Khaled
  6. Greyhound – Swedish House Mafia
  7. Hands in the Air (feat. Ne-Yo) – Timbaland
  8. Wild Heart – Sabi
  9. Scream – Usher
  10. Runaway Baby – Bruno Mars
  11. Promises – Nero
  12. Little Talks – Of Monsters & Men
  13. Pontoon – Little Big Town <– My summer theme song 😉

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